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There is no sense to develop a game from scratch, when it's only necessary to finish existing one!

Concentrate on your idea, because everything else has been prepared for you!
Do I really need it?
  • I want to develop a game in a long and painful wayStarter Kit is an already finished game, just add your logic and publish!
  • I do not want avoiding mistakes that has already been made by others, I want to go through all this pain like everybody elseStarter Kit has collected many methods and approaches in order to let you avoid most common mistakes
  • I don't care how successful teams develop their gamesStarter Kit has been developed by the employees of various successful companies to share their experience with you
  • I do not need documents, only losers track development progressStarter Kit contains examples of technical specifications, documentation and spreadsheets to track the progress
  • Only weaklings need financial planning, true developers never think about resources for the development and the launch processStarter Kit contains a set of documents for the investment committee. You can easily calculate the cost of development and productions
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What benefits will I get if I start using this starter kit?

for investors
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How much does it cost?
Conceptual art
User Interface
Models, Textures $ 12 130
Professional code
Scalable Architecture $ 11 082
Documents for Investors
GDD, Projects Plans, etc. $ 9 800
$33 012
99% Off

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