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We have studied all the stages of game development and now we can not wait to share our expertise with you! All that cost us tens of thousands of dollars available to you for just a few hundred!

Let us make your game even more successful!


Good entrepreneurs know how to develop games, the greatest ones know how to complete them. It does not matter how hard you try, the result is what the only matters.

Do you want to make a game prototype or documentation for investors? Or maybe just measure the difficulty of developing a game? Than this Starter Kit is just what you need.

Who are the consumers of the Starter Kit?

You’ll find this Starter Kit useful if you are:
- an entrepreneur who wants to invest (or already invested) in a game;
- game development manager who wants to improve professional skills;
- indie game developer who thinks about how to create a big project;
- programmer, game designer, 3d-artist, animator or just a student who wants to know more about professional game development.

You will definitely find new knowledge which you will be able to use in practice.

What is the problem solved by the Starter Kit?

At the beginning of the new project it’s difficult to measure complexity of it, especially if you don’t have years of experience in game development area and publishing products on the market. As a result many entrepreneurs make a lot of typical mistakes that lead to losing dozens of thousands of dollars, and its in best case. In worst case the project will never be released.

The easiest way to avoid failures is to hire experienced project leader who will create all the necessary documentation, make a project plan and then will look after the process of development. Finding such person could turn out to be a nontrivial task, even more difficult that make a new game, and think about the dividends that should to be paid. Moreover in this case you don’t get the new so important skills!

Usually the work on a pet project is so catching that sometimes you may forget to sleep (at least that is happening in our team). It leads to that always you are losing something from your mind. That is why it is so important to have on hand a roadmap for the project. Turning to him from time to time you can properly allocate resources in order to release your game in time.

Unity allows developers quickly create high-quality games and avoid a huge headache, for example, work with OpenGL. Yet, to develop high-quality architecture of the game is not easy at all. Sometimes we see that it needs to do just one little step before the release, but the problem lies in the fact that in order to make this step it's necessary to rewrite all the code! You as the person in charge should not allow such situation. Because it increases time of the development and the budget blows repeatedly.

How to avoid this? Take as a start point an already written quality project with easily expandable design and adapt it for your needs!

How does the Starter Kit solve the problem?

Starter Kit is primarily a tool that helps you on the one hand:

  • evaluate your idea before the implementation;
  • eliminate unnecessary steps on the way of achieving the goal;
  • improve knowledge of game development process.

On the other:

  • use in your game the ready-made architecture;
  • have weekly releases from the first day;
  • create a more flexible, easily expandable application.

During development of the Starter Kit we used standard for industrial programming approaches and patterns. Certainly, this is allow you to instantly understand the architecture and quickly create on the Starter Kit basis the really professional application! We tried as much as possible to abstract from the Unity engine. Our approach is certainly help all developers who are planning to port the already written games.

Also, in the pack you will find a huge number of different documents from the technical specifications for artists and ending with the spreadsheet for calculation of the cost of the project for the investment fund. All what you need is to make just small changes and get complete documentation for your project!

What does Starter Kit include?

Code part
During development of the Starter Kit we adhered to the following ideas and principles:

- architecture has to base on common programming patterns
- architecture has to be abstracted from unity engine
- extensibility
- scalability
- modularity

The project is developed using the Unity 3D and C#. The whole project is divided into subsystems. Each subsystem has its own API. The architecture is based on the interfaces, and is implemented in such a way that after making a change in one subsystem the other ones will continue to operate.

Main sub-systems:

- RTS subsystem;
- TD subsystem;
- Save/restore progress;
- User interface;
- Game logic;
- Movable objects subsystem;
- Buildings subsystem;
- Logic of the imrovement progress
- Battle mode;
- Creation of location subsystem;
- Resources management subsystem;
- Highlight subsystem

Visual Part

Handmade concept art of all objects;
5 variants of the main character of villager with textures;
6 models of enemies with textures:
- Pygmy;
- Thick pygmy;
- Panther;
- Bear;
- Large dinosaur;
- Small dinosaur.
24 animations of the main character according to GDD;
More than 40 animations enemies according to GDD;
Buildings (each building has several models that show the progress of construction):
- 2 types of bridges;
- 4 types of towers;
- 6 types of engineering structures;
- 25 models of bushes;
- 3 types of walls of the gorge;
- 9 types of totems;
- 13 sets of models (without textures);
- Several types of stones.
Completed three locations;
Fully implemented user interface.

- Project Timeline
- Prototype of the game made in constract classic
- Technical requirements for models
- Specifications for the models of the first three levels.
- Specifications for the user interface.
- Game balance
- Concept document
- Game design document

Investment part
- Executive summary
- Financial model

Customers support
- Customers support on forum
- Customers support in the amount of three hours of voice chat on Skype included. There is an opportunity to get additional support on Skype.
- Correction of defects in short time